Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Owls, Owls, Owls!

I swore when owls became popular, I would not succumb to the trend. I didn't particularly haven't anything against them, just wasn't head over heels about them. Then it happens...darn it! First I became enthralled with Molly. WHOOOO is Molly you ask? Molly the Owl of course! She is quite popular now, millions of viewers have peeped in on her most private moments.  She has a live camera feed in her Owl Box. She has had two "clutches" (quite the educational channel as well!) that I am aware of since she moved in. I watched her sit on the eggs until they hatched, sat mesmerized as Molly yelled at McGee (Owl Hubby!) to bring the babies food. Then he would answer in the distance and come home with "dinner". Looks like there are two babies at the moment, just about shed all of there baby downy feathers. You can peek in on them here:

Now I've heard an Owl now and then here at night. But a few new noisy, and much more social Owls have moved into the neighborhood. I actually got to see them flying through the canopy of trees near our house. That was it...I was hooked on Owls.  We recently had an Owl swap over at All Things Primitive- Yahoo Group. How could I pass that up!? We had an odd number of signups, so we didn't swap with the same person. 

Look at all the goodies I got from Barb!

A big cuddly Owl, an Owl Candlemat...

...and look at those adorable ornaments! A bat and an owl with black feathers and black glitter! *Love*

Here is the Owl I made for Val (yep another one of my creations is living in Australia!) I started with this pattern . Did I mention I can't leave things as is? LOL I had so much fun making him, I didn't want to let him go ;)

I also made a couple fall leaf mini candle mats for battery operated candles, but I forgot to take pics!


  1. Well, I am glad you succumbed to the trend. I absolutely love owls - even before they were trendy!

  2. What's that old country song? "I Was Country, When Country Wasn't Cool". Well I was Owl when Owl wasn't cool...ha! They used to be so hard to find that I'm glad they got trendy. Because I'll still dig them even when they aren't...probably even more so since that's how I roll...ha!

    I totally love your owl creation! So very cute! :o)

  3. hello Aimee ,i visited your blog is very beautiful.I loved your creations.come visit me at my blog ok.hugs.


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