Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Giddiness in the mail!

I just had to share what I got in the mail. I won Renae's ornament giveaway on her blog . She makes the cutest prim goodies, be sure to stop by and check out her Etsy shop too! She took *much* better pictures of the ornies than I did ha!

I didn't get pics taken before I tore into the package but let me tell you, it was wrapped like a Christmas present! Pretty holographic snowflake paper! As I open it there is some oh so pretty snowflake cellophane, and each surprise inside is wrapped in red tissue.  Here are the three ornaments:

Aren't they adorable!? Very well made, with careful attention to detail and cuteness! Now she had mentioned in her giveaway that there was going to be a "surprise"...check out this cute little prim stocking with crochet edges, lightly stained to a well loved perfection....

Oh look..there's stuff inside!!!! (Trying to contain myself...not as easy as one would think at this point!) Ohhh I spy a prim tag! I start to pull it out...and I swear to you...

...I absolutely gasped out loud and just about fell over from the cuteness of this little face! It's a pin! (I knowww, right?)  I now fully understand this word "Squeee" being used around the interwebs. But wait, there's more!

This beautiful pressed flower charm ornament, with blue crystals (very hard to photograph sorry!) and a silver butterfly on top..

...AND these adorable snowflake and crystal earrings!

...AND these butterfly earrings with black and clear crystals!! 

I feel so special!  And giddy! I *might* even be humming Christmas music..shhh ;) 
Hope you all are having a great Christmas!

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