Thursday, December 8, 2011

13 Days of Creepmas Day 8

As a child I loved the Nutcracker Ballet. I loved ballet in general, but the Nutcracker was something I looked forward to every Christmas. Especially since I got to see a live version. The dresses, the sets, the scenes and props..beautiful ballerinas that seemed to float weightlessly and glide across the stage. 

It just occurred to me that I still have no idea what the story line really is here. I'm guessing she's dreaming or something..that her bizarre toy..the nutcracker, somehow turns into a prince..or something. Then this demonic looking Mouse King comes along and he will have none of they fight, Nutcracker wins and then everyone puts on a show for them as they live happily ever after..the end. That's gotta be pretty close right? That  Mouse King scared the hell out of me when I was young. Now that I look at him again..he still does. What is going on there? I'm very thankful that I somehow missed the Mouse King with multiple heads, I would have had nightmares for months. 

 At least this one's not too bad..

 Demonic Mouse King..

Seriously..Evil Mouse King with many if he didn't have enough help?

Sometimes the Nutcracker is pretty freaky too. 

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