Friday, December 2, 2011

Creepmas Day 2

Creeping right I'd like to introduce a couple of my favorite SPOOKTACULAR artists!

If you like a lot of creepy in your Creepmas you will love this Zombie Santa Art Doll by TheRogueFairy
Isn't he just spooktacular!?! This one was my favorite Evil Zombie Santa he has already sold. Gives new meaning to "Lady Fingers" doesn't it? What a great imagination!

Here is another favorite artist. Tattered Rags Creepy Dolls by Jodi Cain. She makes wonderful spooky rag dolls all year long. Rag dolls in straight jackets, gothic cuties and more. She's having a give away of this wonderful doll below, you have until Dec. 20th to CLICK HERE  and enter.

Of course I could be here all day listing my favorite Halloween Artists, the list is very long. But these two just *screamed* CREEPMAS and made my heart skip a beat! *Swoon*. Happy Creeping, don't forget to visit the other creepers

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the give away. That little goth rag doll is sooooo cute!


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