Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exercise in free motion embroidery/quilting

I finally got to play with the free motion foot on my sewing machine! Kitty needed a "roll around" mat for her catnip and her ch-ch-ch-chia pet grass. Spoiled? Yes she is :)  Now I don't have to vacuum the loose catnip spread all over the house (in theory ha!)

So after watching a few free motion quilting vids on youtube, I found an entirely new respect for quilters. When they make it look that easy, it is because they are that good! Whewwww. Not only is this an upper body workout, and hand/eye coordination, it's hand/eye/foot coordination! I used muslin and a couple layers of thin batting, drew out a rough design of cat paw prints, and went to work.

Making the fabric move at an even speed, and taking your foot OFF the pedal the second you stop moving the harder than it looks. But...luckily it looks like she gave her paw of approval, and was kind enough not to point out my mistakes.


  1. Hi!!!! I swear I thought I was already following you!!!! Love the cat paws!!!! Crazy Cat Person Carla here!!!!! Glad to see your update!!!! I am signing up for the candle mat too!!!! hugs carla

  2. thanks for the kind words on my facebook page. I swear your cat looks like a cat I use to have named Baby. She was beautiful and odd. She had a fascination with troll dolls and would move them around the apartment. Freaked me out until I saw her doing this.

  3. love the paws on the quilt and love,love your kitty!!!!
    I am a cat person, well first cats, second rabbits [but not in the garden] and last dogs.
    Happy stitching, Evi


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