Thursday, March 11, 2010

First swap, first doll..

I finally jumped in with both feet and participated in a swap! I was so nervous. Just hoping I could get could get it done by the deadline, get it shipped, and have everything arrive safely in one piece leaving my swap partner with a smile on her face. Luckily all was a success!

The swap was over at All Things Primitive Group, and it was called "Initially Yours". We were to use adjectives and nouns starting with the other person's initials for the doll and it's item. Half the fun was coming up with the words and idea for the project. For mine, A.J., my swap partner Carla B made me an Angelic Angelfish with a Jolly Jellyfish. Clever eh? This was a very fun swap, I'm so glad I jumped in! Be sure to visit Carla's blog to see more.

For Carla, "C.B", I made a Carnival Cat with a Bald Bird. This was the first time I tried using Genesis Heat set paints on cloth and I'm happy with the results.  I used "Fairy on a Stick" pattern by Faewyck Studios and altered the hands into "paws" and the feet into high heels.

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