Thursday, March 4, 2010

And so it begins..

Let's get this blog rolling shall we! As much as I want to jump right in posting pictures of what I'm making *right now*, I thought I better post what I've already done. That way I will have a timeline of sorts and be able to see how I change and progress as an artist.

I've always been interested in art in one form or another as long as I can remember. Mostly drawing as a teen. I've read, studied, and soaked up a ton of info on polymer clay sculpting, jewelry making, etc etc. I love to look at something and be able to go through the process of "How did they DO that?", to.." that all?" Most things are not nearly as complicated as they first seem once they are demystified.

While I do still love to sculpt, I found myself being drawn to the jewelry side of sculpting. Like making beads, and creating faux effects and illusions. The really hard part for me when it came to sculpting figures, was the fragility of it all. I was stressing way too much over the thought of a fragile finger breaking off, or more likely, me dropping it! So I started leaning towards cloth dolls and critters. After all, art should be fun not stressful right?

I have had a shiny new sewing machine with all those complicated looking doo-dads and attachments safely in it's box for a couple years. So, in December 2009, I took it out of it's box. I sat it on the table. Started at the beginning of the manual, and learned how to thread the machine, wind a bobbin, and sew funny lines on all of my old pillow cases! All those attachments, (that I now know are presser feet) I thought I would never have a need for, are slowly getting used one by one. I love finding out how useful they really are and how much of a time (sanity) saver they are. I've rolled a hem! Woohoooo! Now for those of you that learned to sew when you were young, this may not seem like a big deal....but....I rolled a hem! Ha.

I found a lovely group on yahoo, "All Things Primitive" (link to this group is on the left column). I had never made anything other than lines on the pillow cases. So I figured it's now or never, and started signing up for their challenges and swaps. Having other people expecting something of you and having a deadline was just what I needed.

This was my first challenge. Pattern by Happy Hearts. They were fun and a good learning project. Also my first experience with coffee dye. Such a patient kitty lol.

Here are the trees I made from the Christmas Tree challenge pattern.


That's all for now, until I get the rest of the pictures off my cam of the really fun swap we had for February! 
Happy creating!

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