Monday, September 27, 2010

Virtual Hangover

Wow what a party! *Collapsing* Haha. The Practical Magic Blog Party was a blast! I think I nipped a bit too many virtual margaritas and chocolate lol. But I did make it through the ENTIRE list..only took me 3 days. So much inspiration, magic, enchantment and witchy goodness! I was great to see all the different styles and imaginations. From spell books, painting, art dolls, digital art, love stories and so much more. Of course the *one* I wanted to come back to I can't find, I think I peeked clicking on someone's comment on another blog, and closed it telling myself  I would get to it down the list, so I would continue going through them in order and not miss anyone. But I never found it had THE most beautiful elaborate witch hats in silk (human size). I hope to trip across it again!

I wonder, does anyone else get a bit of vertigo after scrolling on a browser too long, or just me? :)  I did visit each and every one of your blogs. The only ones I didn't comment on were services I didn't have an account on, like MySpace Blogs (forgot my password) or others that I had never heard of and didn't really feel like signing up to leave a comment. I want to thank each and every one of you who have left comments and those of you still flying through for the party. Cyber hugs to you! I had a blast!

I also used this experience to learn about blogging, the good the bad and the ugly, since I'm fairly new and still learning as I go. So many beautiful designs, I hope to someday customize mine a bit more instead of using the pre-made template design.  Ok there wasn't any ugly, but there are a few things I learned:

*Oh how pretty, snow falling! Oh look fairy glitter! Oh no..more snow and fairy glitter! There were a LOT of these so I hope nobody feels like I'm pointing at them. It's pretty at first. Then when the snow falls..back and creates a new scroll bar at the bottom..jostling your background back and forth with it. And as I scroll down to post a grabs my cursor and throws me to the middle again. Frustrating.

*I started out opening one blog at a time, able to enjoy the music on a few. For efficiency I started opening a bunch of browsers for one letter of the alphabet, 10 or more songs blaring at me at once =mute. Auto play music is a bummer.

*Last rant...word verification. Unless you've been discovered by spam bots it's not really necessary. I saw a few that allow you to type your comment, tab to type the verify word, then submit comment which is fine. Others have no verify but just simply approve the comments before they appear, still user friendly. Having the entire page reload after hitting submit comment to type in the word = arrgggh.  

So I will work on keeping my blog as clean and fast loading as possible. Even some of the slowest/complicated blogs had such great posts that I followed so I can view in Google Reader and avoid the "fluff n stuff" :) 

Time to clean up the studio a bit and see what else I can get into! My PM Party Post is below.


  1. thank you for visiting my PM posting, I am still visiting other blogs ha ha!

  2. your advice is well taken and so true. The host of PM ask that we turn off our verification but a lot didn't and that means taking so much longer to leave a comment. I struggle with the music thing. I love to have music on my blog but know that it slows the process down.

  3. Oh Aimee, thank you for listing those things. Me too! I tried to visit all the participants, but did not leave a Comment, where they had left Word Verification on. [We were specifically asked not to, after all.]

    And snow or faerie dust or whatever, addddddddds to load time! Yes! Yes! Yes! -sigh-

    Did I say I loath Word Verification? Yes, I did! I always have Comment Verification Setting on, for protection. And thus, do not have to make any Readers do the *dreaded* Word Verification.

    Oh and music too! I have to keep my sound off, when reading all blogs, or I get knocked out of my chair at times. And I simply don't resonate with most music choices. Please, if one has music, let a Reader choose to listen or not.

    But all in all, it was an amazing Blog Party! Especially for someone like me, who is not creative. But can enjoy seeing what others create.

    Gentle hugs...


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